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Alex and Erik of University of Illinois and Cornell




In our continuing efforts to serve the interests of our community, Chicago Architecture Today LLC offers an internship program available to undergrad and post-graduate students as well as students enrolled in online bachelor degree programs.  Although internships are typically awarded to 5th-year students or graduate students, we believe that this type of work opportunity can also be a valuable educational experience for beginning architecture and/or communications majors as well. Chicago Architecture Today has enjoyed students interns from home and abroad including Ireland, England, France, Germany, Spain and South Korea. If you are majoring or planning to study any media-related or architecturally-related field, we invite you to gain some valuable experience with us.  


We believe you can greatly benefit from being apart of Chicago Architecture Today LLC. While we are not a design firm, we do offer a unique opportunity to interact with some of Chicago's top architecture firms throughout your tenure with us. Additionally, we offer you a very diverse vocational experience which involves you in photography, video production, reporting, writing, travel, and graphic design. Finally, in some cases, we may be able to assist in placing you into a design firm if that is your primary objective and if opportunities exist at the time of application.


Advantages of an Internship

  • enables you to learn and decide about a vocation via firsthand experience

  • provides an opportunity to acquire new skills and vocational knowledge

  • establishes an environment where you can be mentored by a career professional

  • lets you apply some of the principles and ideas learned in class

  • can reveal your vocational strengths and weaknesses in a chosen field

  • allows you to meet and network with people in your career field of interest

  • shows that you have initiative, reliable and a sense of responsibility

  • makes a valuable addition to a college application and/or resume'

  • opens a door to a job offer or a recommendation for other job openings

  • can also be a fun way to extend your educational experience into the work world      

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As an Intern with Chicago Architecture Today...

  • You will most likely work together with other interns on assignments

  • You will have the benefit of one-on-one involvement with your facilitator

  • You will have valued input in major company project decisions

  • You will have the opportunity to make your own schedule and free up time for an additional internship or other employment opportunity

  • You will be able to do many of your work projects at home and independently

  • You will collaborate on an urban re-development or re-adaptation project called Imagine Chicago

  • You will have an opportunity to meet some of Chicago's top design professionals

  • You will have extensive involvement in photography and video projects

  • You will have much of your work published

  • You will take a group excursion to a regional or national place of architectural significance

  • You will learn more about Chicago than you previously have had knowledge of before


"I would like to give you my much appreciated thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with and for you. I was just discussing this with Alexia just a week ago or so when we were both reflecting back on the summer and everything we did and so forth. I told her I was really happy that I found Chicago Architecture Today because I learned a hell of a lot about how to approach and interact in professional situations and I felt like this was my most successful internship. So once again thank you so much for getting me out there in the city, exploring, discovering, and learning. It was an experience I will NEVER forget, Thank you. I look forward to working with you in the future again sometime. Cheers!"




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Intern Program Guidelines

  • Candidates for internships must complete and submit an application, resume' and interview to be considered for a position.

  • Internships will be served at Chicago Architecture Today or a local architect's office if one is available.

  • The number of internships available will be in direct correlation to our needs and our capacity to host a particular number. It also may depend on the number of architects, firms willing to participate.

  • We uniquely provide internship opportunities to undergrads and international students.

  • Internships may be paid or unpaid depending upon current funding. They may also be full-time, part-time or on a per/project basis.

  • The term of an internship will be subject to the availability of the intern, but should cover no less than 1-month and can occur in the spring, summer or fall.

  • Availability and scheduling for work will be determined from the collaboration between the intern and the internship facilitator with an implied deference made to the intern's academic, athletic schedules and other established responsibilities.

  • Interns have the right to recuse themselves from any work-related assignment on grounds of safety, conscience or confidence in successfully performing that task.

  • Discuss any problems with your work supervisor and, if necessary, with the Chicago Architecture Today LLC, and your classroom instructor.

  • In the event of irreconcilable differences between the intern and the supervising entity, either party has the right to terminate the internship agreement.

  • At the conclusion of the internship, the intern will receive a certificate with a rating of either Superior, Excellent, Good or Fair. 


As a pre-requisite for consideration of any candidate for internships, a resume must be submitted along with the program application.  The following list is a guideline for many of the things your prospective employers would like to know.  You are free to construct this in a way which best expresses your personality. This entails including whatever additional things you deem helpful in defining your employability which have not been requested.  



Suggested Resume Inclusions


       Full name


       Phone and e-mail

       Objective (a little bit of the what and why as to your desire for this position)

       Education (classes completed, anticipated date of graduation)

       Work history

       Relevant skills


       Project experience (design projects, contests, major class assignments)

       Resources (i.e. camera, laptop, internet access, video equip., etc.)



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"My internship for Chicago Architecture Today was a great experience. I would just like to thank you for this incredible summer experience. Not only was this internship great for my career aspirations, but it was very interesting and fun too. Through this, I feel like I have taken my career and resume to the next level, and have established great contacts in Chicago within the field of Architecture. This internship also helped connect me to current projects within the city. There was a good range of projects that allowed me to showcase a variety of skills. At first, the summer projects seemed a little overwhelming and intimidating, but stepping up to the challenge and succeeding was extremely rewarding. One unique part of the internship was how the interns had [creative] control over what projects we were doing, and [how we were] actually looked to for advice. This allowed me to have ownership in my projects, which made me dedicated to them. 


It was key that the schedule was flexible, which allowed the interns to have other jobs. It was also cool how I got to incorporate my [other] internship with Chicago Architecture Today. At times it was hard to balance with other work commitments, but deadlines and weekly meeting helped keep me in check, even though I had to push some deadlines. I liked how all the interns got to work together on certain projects and how we all had similar yet different interests, opinions and advice, and a great team environment was established. The entire experience also stimulated my interest in architecture. [Our supervisor] not only had a great knowledge of this subject but also put learning at the forefront.  I definitely would like to continue my involvement in Chicago Architecture Today."




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Liz - Univ. of Puerto Rico, Andrew - UIC, Kyle -Southern Ill, Brian - Univ. of Illi


Success Strategies for Interns


Treat your internship as you would treat a job you really want to keep. As an intern, you have the opportunity to get to know the organization and to let the employer get to know you. Heres how you can make the most of your internship.


During the internship:

  • Be punctual and professional and work the number of hours agreed to by you and your supervisor

  • Notify the workplace if you are unable to attend as planned

  • Show initiative, energy, and commitment

  • Learn from those who have more experience than you

  • Participate in team projects

  • Attend meetings

  • Respect the confidentiality of the workplace, its clients and its workers

  • Ask questions

  • Learn how the company operates

  • Behave and dress appropriately to the particular workplace

After the internship:

  • Ask for a letter of recommendation when you leave

  • Keep in touch with the company

  • Send a thank you letter on completion of the internship


(Please note that Chicago Architecture Today LLC is not a design firm)


Download application here





2013 Fall\Winter Internship

We are currently accepting applications for our Fall\Winter internship positions. Although the specific projects have yet to be determined, preparation for our upcoming international student design competition and architectural retail product development will be apart of this terms portfolio. Please submit the application (above) along with a current resume for consideration. If you anticipate not being able to in Chicago for an interview, please forward a current photo via email to All materials should be sent to this email address as well. Inquiries and applications will be accepted through May 14, 2013.


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Minimum age requirement of 18 for all positions.

Contact us at


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