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Frank Gehry's Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California




1.  Paris, France

It may seem obvious, but there's a reason why Paris always ends up on top of most art-lovers' lists. Start with one of the largest and most well-known museums in the world, the Louvre (Musee du Louvre).


  2.  Florence, Italy

Known as the "cradle of the Renaissance," Florence is overflowing with beautiful pieces of art and architecture. Before even setting foot inside a museum, visitors can take a tour of Firenze to bask in all of the great architecture that makes up the city.



3.  Vatican City, Rome

St. Peter's Square is an architectural masterpiece designed by Gian Bernini in the seventeenth century, but it's the Vatican museums and churches that are the stars. These museums hold an immense collection of sculptures, paintings and artefacts that have been collected by the Roman Catholic Church for centuries.



4.  Berlin, Germany

Over the last 20 years, Berlin has emerged as one of the biggest art venues in Europe with an impressive selection of new architecture, exhibits and art galleries.



5.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a great destination to experience the out-of-the-ordinary, and the art is no exception.



6.  St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is arguably one of the most picturesque cities in the world, and at its center is the State Hermitage Museum. This museum contains three million pieces, including works by Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Nicolas Poussin



7.  Santa Fe, New Mexico

The community of Santa Fe has long been considered both a haven for creativity and an important gathering place for the American art community, especially those who love Native art.



8.  Los Angeles, California

As one of the most eclectic cities in the United States, Los Angeles is a giant melting pot of art that is just waiting to be explored, with a lot of it on the cutting edge of modernity.



9.  Sydney, Australia

Even though Sydney is more known for its beautiful beaches, it still offers travelers a unique artistic experience. Visitors can explore the city to see the architecture, local galleries and the Sydney Sculpture Walk, which features Australian and contemporary artists.



10.  Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo offers art enthusiasts a chance to experience amazing Asian styles that were created independently of the West. The city is home to more than 240 museums, such as the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum and the Nerima Art Museum, plus an array of magnificent temples and shrines.


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